360º Radioactivity! Bounce around 72 treasure-filled planets!

About the game



for iPhone & iPad.


FEATURES: 360 degrees of unique bouncy physics fun, 72 planets & 8 different chapters to perfect, Special life-saving powerup abilities to obtain, Game Center leaderboards & achievements

Welcome to Aroundabounce, the unique physics game with 360º of bouncy fun!

GAME CONTROLS SWIPE the screen left or right to rotate the planet. TAP either atomic powerup icon to activate them.

GAME PLAY Your goal sounds simple, get your little red hero to the planet exit, collecting radioactive treasure along the way. However, as you progress from planet to planet you will come across more perilous planets each with its own dangerous obstacles that you most avoid! With the radioactive treasure you collect, you can exchange it for special powerup abilities that either protect you from perils that would otherwise make you explode, or help you gain bounce momentum in desparate situations!

There are 72 increasingly dangerous planets to explore and more coming with each update!

GAME VIDEO Watch it here!

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