What's coming next?! All the news on our future mobile game releases!

In the pipeline

Character highlight

Zombie Train, our apocalyptic arcade shooter is being revamped with many new exciting features!

The new Zombie Train will include female animations, unlockable weapons, different trains, the ability to recruit facebook friends as real VIP characters to help you in your campaign. Many, many more apocalyptic attractions will also be included, but we need to keep them under wraps! Expect to see it first quarter of 2013.

Exclusively Hot Slots will feature a host of game mechanics based on the world's most popular slot machines.

Featuring a unique social platform with a twist and some amazing HD graphics this game is sure to be on the wishlists of all social slot players! Stay tuned here for more upcoming information & screen shots as for now we need to keep things under wraps! Expect to see it second quarter of 2013.

Planetary Command, our arcade shooter rated new & noteworthy by Apple will be getting a major overhaul!

We're remaking Planetary Command from the ground (or should we say planet) up! With spectacular particle effects, comet-annihilating weapons, destructable planet structures and menacing alients. Expect to see it second quarter of 2013.

Jeab "Kickass' Jones
Lt. Col ZTSOC Command

Lieutenant Colonel Jones is a veteran zombie slayer, and tough-as-nails missions leader in Zombie Train.

Any problems you come across along the way, she's there to set things straight, one way or the other! With that said, it's always advisable to stay on her good side.

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