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for 2 to 8 players.

"'s an all out race to get the most valuable trading routes but beware of waiting too long for the most valuable routes..."

Help connect the tribes in trading 8 of their essential commodoties. But, don't forget about the other greddy adventurers out to take advantage by adding ruins to increase route values or causing a little tribal war or two along the way

TRADING ROUTES INFO: Ages: 8 - Adult, Players: 2 - 8, Duration: 30 mins

Strategic horror & deception.

Sci-fi corporate espionage and product building

for 2 to 8 players.

"'re eager to make a big name for yourselves in the movie industry? So you want to be the first to clinch all four Hollwood Awards..."

Best director, best actor, best actress and of course best movie aren't won ust like that! Let's wait and see if it's you or your competitors who make the right casting calls!

HOLLYWOOD PLAYERS INFO: Ages: 8 - Adult, Players: 2 - 8, Duration: 30 mins

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